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Ecuador Volunteering and Spanish Lessons

Travel, volunteer and learn Spanish - Visit the Galapagos, the Amazon jungle, try out some surfing on the coast, learn Spanish and give some time as a volunteer.


Amazing things are happening in Cuba right now – it starts in Havana!


Diving in the philippines, MCP

Dive Master in the Philippines

If you dream of replacing your 9-5 job with a dive mask and a coral reef, if you want to improve your skills and just become one bad ass diver, or if you’re interested in a career in conservation or marine biology, this opportunity is for you.

MCP life

Join us as a volunteer, learn scientific diving and study marine biology, help us campaign and meet like minded people from all over the world who may end up as your lifelong friends. Read more: https://www.kilroy.no/aktiviteter/frivillig-arbeid

Visit to Sunshine Educare, December 2014 - KILROY

In December 2014, three KILROY employees traveled to Cape Town to assist in the further development of Sunshine Educare, a pre-school in a township behind a dump site. Les mer: https://www.kilroy.no/aktiviteter/frivillig-arbeid/sunshine-educare-2018-18171